Need a little spending money? Become a paid psychic!

ID-100263381Like my character Lizzie, I am in need of some extra money. Unlike Lizzie, I don’t have any psychic skills. That’s unfortunate, because there are so many ads online for companies needing psychics.

One company is hiring “ethical and dependable psychic Advisors.” Another company is hiring psychics to entertain others by telling fortunes through “incredible spiritual insight or by perceiving another’s thoughts.” I saw an advertisement for a company holding a “psychic job fair.”

Are the job advertisements even necessary? Wouldn’t true psychics know those businesses are hiring without seeing the ads?

Psychics that have a steady stream of customers can make pretty good money – around eighteen bucks an hour. Not bad at all for sitting at home talking on the phone or chatting with people online.

Even though I don’t have one ounce of psychic ability, it’s very tempting to apply for those jobs. I would love to make eighteen dollars an hour while sitting on my living room couch.

It’s not like my predictions have to be right. The commercials and web sites for psychics always state the readings are for entertainment purposes only. If people believe that I know the winning lottery numbers, that’s their own fault. They should know that if I could predict winning numbers, I wouldn’t be working for eighteen bucks an hour.

And who would they complain to if I’m wrong? I seriously doubt the Better Business Bureau is going to care. The po po is not going to come knocking on my door because some woman did not meet Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome like I predicted.

In spite of the fact that I wouldn’t get into trouble for being a bad psychic, I’m not going to apply for any of those gigs. I have a conscience, and earning money from gullible people just seems wrong.

What do you think? Is it wrong for fake psychics to take money from people? Or are the customers to blame for falling for that telephone/online psychic nonsense?

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