Looking for love in all the wrong places

ID-10094143 My character, Lizzie, is a psychic matchmaker. She uses her gift to help lonely women find love. Lizzie has a great success rate, with almost all of her matched couples living happily ever after.

In the real world, finding the right partner is a lot more difficult. There are online dating sites to help women find love, but I don’t have a whole lot of faith in those.

I have tried several of those sites. It wasn’t because I was really looking for love. I was mostly just curious. I never went out with any of the guys that I chatted with online. Being on those sites was entertaining though.

One guy emailed me less than 24 hours after I posted my profile. That was a little unexpected because I didn’t have a picture on the site. Not having a picture usually cuts down on the number of responses you get.

After I exchanged a few messages with the guy, I thought he sounded familiar. I asked if he used to live in a certain town. Never heard from him again!

Want to know what’s way more fun than looking for love on online dating sites? Having well-meaning friends doing matchmaking for you.ID-100137253

My friends don’t have the talent that Lizzie has. Talk about disastrous attempts at matchmaking! I’m not sure what they were thinking when they decided to hook me up with those guys.

I don’t run into many decent, eligible men when I’m out and about. Online dating sites and well-meaning friends haven’t helped me find Mr. Right.

So where am I going to look if I get serious about wanting to meet a decent guy?

Maybe I should give online dating sites another try. Maybe I tried the wrong ones in the past. Surely there are sites that are worth my time.

Have you ladies had luck with online dating? If so, what sites do you recommend?

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Lizzie’s weight loss struggles

ID-10038816I’m new to writing, but I know that it’s important to create characters with whom readers can identify. (That sentence sounds a little snooty, but I’m using proper English because I want people to think I can actually write!) I gave Lizzie a struggle that is an issue for a lot of women – weight loss.

I have struggled my entire life to lose weight and keep it off. So have many of my friends. If I put my mind to it, I can usually shed some pounds. Shortly after I reach my goal, I return to my old eating habits. Of course, the weight comes right back.

Like Lizzie, I’m searching for a diet that allows me to eat whatever I want, not exercise, and still lose weight. Unfortunately, I think such a diet will only exist in my novels.

Lizzie does lose weight in book two, A Psychic Couldn’t See It. It’s a pretty rapid weight loss, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend the way she manages to do it. (Just a little teaser there. You’ll have to wait until April 2016 to learn Lizzie’s weight loss trick.)

As far as my own weight loss, I guess I will have to do it the old fashioned way – with diet and exercise. If you ladies know a more fun way to get slim and trim quickly with little effort, please give me some tips!

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