My dream, Take two

My dream of becoming a successful writer is still something of a surprise to me. It amazes me that I have written two books and have started on a third.

But writing is not my only dream. There is one other thing I’ve been hoping for since 2002—winning the lottery.

That dream is not going so well. If it was, I wouldn’t be trying to make a living as a writer.

I’m fairly good at math, and I know what the odds are of winning a major prize in the lottery. Well, the rational part of me knows.

The irrational part buys scratch-off tickets week after week, year after year, sure that any day I’m going to end up with that million dollar win.

If—I mean, when—that happens, very few people will know. I’m not going to be on the news smiling for the camera while holding a big check. There certainly won’t be a blog post about it.

I don’t want unknown or long lost relatives coming out of the woodwork with pressing needs. I’ll share my gains with parents, siblings and a few charities. Once that’s done, the Goodwill Bank of Zanna Johns will be closed!

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