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Seventy-four-year-old Ben Turner is looking for love. Part-time matchmaker Lizzie Chandler is more than willing to help him—until she learns his secret. He’s been married three times, and each of his wives drowned. Ben claims he’s cursed. Lizzie believes he’s a murderer and wants nothing to do with him.

Her boss, Josh Alexander, wants to get to the bottom of the story and reluctantly allows Lizzie to help with his investigation. Finding the truth isn’t easy, even for a top-notch PI like Josh. The more they learn about Ben’s past, the more it looks like he might really be cursed.

As if sleuthing isn’t enough to keep her busy, Lizzie finds herself temporarily caring for a cartoon-watching, man-eating Yorkie named Cannibala. Then she’s ordered by a judge to supervise two pint-sized senior citizens who have an amazing talent for getting into mischief.

Throw in a new matchmaking client who doesn’t want to find her Mr. Right, and a shocking decades-old lie from her mother, and Lizzie’s in for an unplanned adventure…which includes a late night trip to the graveyard to remove a curse she’s not sure exists.

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