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The Ghosts of Madison House are under attack.

Ghost hunters have invaded their peaceful home, determined to send them to the other side. The ghosts would rather stay on this side. But they can't fight their human foes...or hide from their ghost-detecting gadgets. To add to their troubles, there is a ghostly traitor living in Madison House, one who is more than willing to help the hunters.

But even with help, the hunters aren't very good at their job. Unfortunately for the ghosts, the hunters are fast learners.

This is a novelette of approximately 15,000 words.

Three short tales of things that go bump in the night

Under the Bed: Allison is trapped in a frightful game of hide and seek with the monster under her bed.

Night Creature: Stacey's relaxing weekend takes a terrifying turn when a ravenous werewolf tries to make her its dinner.

Haunted: Seventeen-year-old Mikala has to face her fear of the dead in order to help a ghost child in need.

Allison, Stacey and Mikala may not be brave, but they're no damsels in distress!

(Some covers may differ from those on Amazon because I am currently editing the books and their covers.)

Even the best psychic occasionally gets things wrong, but Lizzie Chandler's mistake almost lands her six feet under.

Lizzie's not one to let a little thing like a murder attempt get her down. She puts on her happy face and takes on 24-year-old Myra, her most challenging client yet.

Myra's afraid of men and insists on marrying a senior citizen who doesn't want sex. Lizzie's a sucker for anyone in need and really wants to help Myra, but she's a psychic, not a miracle worker. In spite of her best efforts, she has no luck finding Myra her Mr. Right. She begins to think her new client is unmatchable.

But Myra's not Lizzie's only problem. She has pesky senior citizens demanding everything from driving lessons to sleuthing tips. She also has an anchorwoman trying to discredit her psychic abilities.

As if that isn't enough, weird things are happening that make Lizzie question her sanity. It's a lot for the nearly murdered psychic to handle. Is it time to trade in her cozy matchmaking office for a padded cell?

Lizzie Chandler is a gifted psychic matchmaker. In need of extra money, she puts her skills to use and starts a matchmaking business. If only she could've predicted how crazy her quiet-and frankly boring!- life was about to become.

Her first client, Barb, wants a rich, well-endowed man to become Husband Number Four. Barb goes missing, possibly kidnapped by a man she met through Lizzie. Essie, a newly divorced 78-year-old wants to find a younger man for sex. This proves to be a difficult task with her ex-husband constantly underfoot. And then Lizzie meets Tessa, her first normal client. Or so Lizzie believes. Tessa already has a match in mind. His name is Eric, and she's been stalking him for months.

Matchmaking was supposed to be a fun, easy way to make money. Unfortunately, Lizzie's clients didn't get the memo. Clients having run-ins with the law, a grumpy senior citizen picketing her business, being assigned to chicken catching duty...Lizzie wasn't prepared for the unusual challenges that came with being a psychic matchmaker. She should've checked her crystal ball before hanging that "Open" sign!