• Kind of Taking a Break

    I’m very unmotivated and uninspired these days. I set writing goals, then I don’t stick to them. I’m not sure when I’ll finish the books I’m working on. I want to get one online by the end of the summer and the other online in spring 2022, but I’m not making any promises. If I did make a promise, I’d probably just break it!

    Hopefully, the delay will make the books better.

  • Coming Late Summer 2021 (I hope)

    Seventy-four-year-old Ben Turner is looking for love. Psychic matchmaker, Lizzie Chandler, is ready to help him find it—until she learns about his three dead wives. Ben claims the women died because of a curse, but Lizzie’s pretty sure he’s a murderer.  

    She and her private investigator friend, Josh, are determined to uncover the truthThe more thedig into Ben’s past, the more it looks like he might really be cursed. 

    Throw in one cartoon-watching Yorkie, two pint-sized senior citizens who can’t stay out of trouble, and a matchmaking client who doesn’t want to find her Mr. Right, and Lizzie’s in for one crazy ridewhich concludes with a late-night trip to the graveyard to remove a curse that she’s not sure exists. 



  • Coming Spring 2022



    Six months ago, Mikala Davenport went into hiding from the dead…but now they’ve found her. Her childhood friends, Oliver and Christian, want her to face her fear by going on a ghostbusting trip. Does Mikala have it in her to go along with their plan, or is she doomed to spend life running from the spirits that haunt her? 

  • Now available

    Three short tales of things that go bump in the night.

    Under the Bed: Allison is trapped in a frightful game of hide and seek with the monster under her bed.

    Night Creature: Stacey’s relaxing weekend takes a terrifying turn when a determined werewolf tries to have her for dinner.

    Haunted: Seventeen-year-old Mikala must confront her fear of the dead to help a ghost child in need.

    Allison, Stacey and Mikala may not be brave, but they’re no damsels in distress!

  • Now available

    Even the best psychic occasionally gets things wrong, but Lizzie Chandler’s mistake almost lands her six feet under.

    Lizzie’s not one to let a little thing like a murder attempt destroy her new psychic matchmaking business. She puts on her happy face and takes on 24-year-old Myra, her most challenging client yet.

    Myra’s afraid of men and insists on marrying a senior citizen who doesn’t want sex. Lizzie’s a sucker for anyone in need and really wants to help Myra, but she’s a psychic, not a miracle worker. In spite of her best efforts, she has no luck finding Myra her Mr. Right. She begins to wonder if her new client is unmatchable.

    But Myra is not Lizzie’s only problem. She has annoying senior citizens demanding everything from driving lessons to sleuthing tips. She also has a news woman trying hard to discredit her psychic abilities.

    As if that isn’t more than enough, weird things are happening that make Lizzie question her sanity. It’s a lot for the nearly murdered psychic to handle. Is it time to trade her cozy little matchmaking office for a padded cell?

  • Now available

    Lizzie Chandler is a gifted psychic matchmaker. In need of extra money, she puts her skills to use and starts a matchmaking business. If only Lizzie could have predicted how crazy her quiet—and frankly, boring—life was about to become!

    Her first client, Barb, wants a rich, well-endowed man to become Husband Number Four. Barb goes missing, possibly kidnapped by a man she met through Lizzie. Essie, a newly divorced, seventy-eight-year-old woman, wants to find a younger man for sex. This proves to be a difficult task with Essie’s ex-husband constantly underfoot. Then Lizzie meets Tessa, her first normal client. Or so Lizzie believes. Tessa already has a match in mind. His name is Eric, and Tessa’s been stalking him for months. Lizzie quickly determines that Tessa is never going to win the man of her dreams, because Eric is gay.

    Matchmaking was supposed to be a fun, easy way to make money. Unfortunately, Lizzie’s clients didn’t get the memo. Clients having run-ins with the law, a grumpy senior citizen picketing her business, being assigned to chicken-catching duty… Lizzie just wasn’t prepared for the unusual challenges of being a psychic matchmaker. Too bad she didn’t check her crystal ball before hanging that “Open” sign.

  • Late one night in 2008…

    I was lying in bed struggling to fall asleep and had the oddest thought. It came and went quickly, but it was pretty specific: that I should write about a psychic matchmaker whose office was based inside her friend’s business.  I blew the idea off as ridiculous, as sleep deprived nonsense.

    Writing had never been a goal of mine. When I was in school, the thought of writing a ten-page paper was enough to cause heart palpitations. I knew anything beyond page six or seven was gonna be a struggle because I’ve always been a woman of few words. If it was hard for me to get to ten pages, how the heck was I supposed to write a whole book?

    But the thought wouldn’t go away. A couple months after I got the ridiculous idea to write a book, I began working on the story of Lizzie Chandler. It wasn’t easy finishing the book, but I eventually got it done.

    Then I put it on Amazon Kindle. A few days after that, I had a total meltdown.

    It was stupid to think I could write a book anyone would want to read. No one was going to buy it. And if anyone did buy it, they’d trash it for being horrible.

    So I went to Amazon to delete the book. To my shock, I had sold a book and received a four-star review. I have no idea how that happened so quickly, especially when I was completely unknown and had done no advertising.

    I took that as a sign from God that I really am supposed to be a writer. But that couldn’t possibly be right. Pastors say Christians shouldn’t go to psychics. That probably means I shouldn’t write about them…right?

    That’s a topic for a whole new post, maybe even a whole new blog.