The psychic matchmaker
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E-books I'm currently writing

Lizzie believes her newest client might be a serial killer, but he insists his three wives were hexed to death!

Mikala has been hiding from the dead…but now they’ve found her.

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Psychic matchmaker Lizzie Chandler puts her skills to use and starts a matchmaking business. If only she could have predicted how crazy her quiet—and frankly, boring—life was about to become! 

Lizzie’s new matchmaking adventure comes to an abrupt halt when she learns that her client has only murder in her heart! 

Allison, Stacey and Mikala must face terrifying creatures that go bump in the night. Luckily for them, they’re no damsels in distress! 

A little humor

About me

I live in North Carolina.  I attended Winthrop University and earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a master’s degree in counseling. I love watching horror movies. I also love reading romance, horror and humorous novels.

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