• Lizzie’s weight loss struggles

    I’m new to writing, but I know that it’s important to create characters with whom readers can identify. (That sentence sounds a little snooty, but I’m using proper English because I want people to think I can actually write!)  I gave Lizzie a struggle that is common with a lot of women – weight loss.

    I have struggled my entire life to lose weight and keep it off.  So have a lot of my friends. If I put my mind to it, I usually can shed some pounds. Shortly after I reach my goal, I go right back to my old eating habits. Of course, the weight comes right back.

    Like Lizzie, I’m searching for a diet that allows me to eat whatever I want, not exercise, and still lose weight. Unfortunately, I think such a diet will only exist in my novels.

    Lizzie does lose weight in book two, A Psychic Couldn’t See It. It’s a pretty rapid weight loss, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend the way she managed to do it. (Just a little teaser there. You’ll have to buy the e-book to learn Lizzie’s weight loss trick.)

    As far as my own weight loss, I guess I will have to do it the old fashioned way – with diet and exercise. If any of you ladies know a more fun way to get slim and trim quickly with little effort, please let me know!