My thin line between fiction and reality…

I’m starting to think that my characters are becoming a little too real to me. I haven’t done any work on my latest Lizzie Chandler novel in a while, and I’m starting to miss Essie and Floyd.

I’m a bit surprised by that. They’re not real…but I miss them.  Is that a sign that I’ve become a true writer and not just someone who dabbles in it?  Or is it a sign that I’m ready for a rubber room?

I suppose it could mean that I should get a life. Yeah, that’s probably it. I’ve gotten too attached to my characters and need to get out and interact with real people more.

But Essie and Floyd are more fun than a lot of people I know, so I’ll probably stay home with them. They don’t sit and text while I try to talk to them.

And with this quick post, I’ve managed to talk myself out of socializing more.

I’m okay with that.

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