• The greatest e-book never written

    I’m supposed to put my next e-book online in January 2020. That’s plenty of time. Or at least it would be if not for my enormous case of writer’s block.

    But maybe it’s not writer’s block. According to an author on YouTube, there is no such thing.  If that’s true, it means I’m just lazy. And that’s not acceptable.

    I want to get Once Haunted, Twice Shy finished, and I want it to be a great success. I want Mikala, the lead character who sees dead people, to become a household name. I want her to more popular than Harry Potter, Stephanie Plum and Jay Gatsby combined. (Yes, that’s an odd list of characters, but I’m in a silly mood.)

    That goal might be a little difficult to reach for an Indie author who has an advertising budget that wouldn’t buy a Happy Meal. Maybe success will happen by magic. It’s pretty much the only way it could happen, as I’ve done almost no writing lately.

    I’m weeks behind where I should be with my book. The January release may not happen. The way things are looking right now, Once Haunted, Twice Shy might turn out to be the greatest e-book that has never been written.