I think I’ve got it!

I enjoy writing, but it’s not easy for me. Being a woman of few words, it is sometimes a struggle to get scenes on paper the way I picture them in my mind.

The book I’m currently working on, Once Haunted, Twice Shy, is proving to be quite a challenge.  This past weekend, I figured out what’s wrong with it: The tone is off.

Most people don’t know this, but I have a natural tendency toward silliness. I hide it well, but it comes out in my writing. The tone in Once Haunted is too lighthearted for the kind of main character I’m trying to create.

To get the book like I want it, I will have to do more work on it than I thought. And that means it will not be released in January 2020 as planned. Hopefully, I’ll have it online before the end of February.

I am conflicted about all this. On one hand, I’m happy that I know how to fix what has been bothering me about the book. On the other hand, it’s a bit weird making the book darker, especially with Spongebob, Looney Tunes or Golden Girls playing in the background as I write.

It should be easier for me to write Once Haunted than the humorous Lizzie Chandler books. I have a degree in counseling and have worked in the criminal justice, mental health and social services fields. I’ve seen a lot of dark, disturbing things.

Fortunately for me, what I see in the real world at work doesn’t carry over much into my private life. But I’ll have to be able to call on some of it if I want to make Mikala the slightly tortured soul that I imagine her to be.

In spite of the overall darker tone planned for the book, I’m not going to completely rein in my silliness. There has to be some comic relief. No one wants to read page after page about some poor, retched soul struggling to get through life. I doubt I could bring myself to even write something like that.

I’ve still got a lot to learn in regards to writing, but I do think I’m finally on the right track with this book. With hard work and tons of re-writing, I should end up with the balance I’m going for with Mikala.

Look for Once Haunted, Twice Shy in February 2020!

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