• Oh, my stars!

    As I’m typing this, I’m amazed that I am not in the bottom of my closet in fetal position. I had a horrible shock yesterday, the kind an amateur author might have difficulty surviving.

    I was getting ready to do more editing on my first e-book, even though it’s been online for years.  I want that book as good as I can possibly get it. I was debating whether more editing is worth my time. I decided that I should probably leave that book—and the second one—alone.

    To reinforce that decision, I went to Goodreads to look at the ratings for the first two e-books. They both average four-star ratings. I decided I can live with that, so no more editing for Doesn’t Take a Crystal Ball or a Psychic Couldn’t See It.

    I was about to leave that page when I saw it.

    My other e-book, Undead of Night, had finally received a rating. It wasn’t a good one – TWO stars!

    I always figured I’d be distraught at my first low rating. To my extreme amazement, I was somewhat amused by those two stars.

    I gave that book a very good effort, but it’s not what I’d hoped it would be. Now, I do think it’s worth three stars, but that reader obviously disagrees.

    Because I’m an amateur, it’s comforting that disappointed readers can get their money back from Amazon. As far as I can tell, my non-fan has not gotten a refund. Wouldn’t blame him/her if he/she did. No one should lose money on a crappy e-book. 

    In some ways, it’s good to have that low rating. I no longer have to worry about when it’ll happen, or how I’ll respond. It’s happened. I’ve mostly shrugged it off. And now I’m going to move on with the writing.

    While I’ve decided not to revise my first two books, I do plan to revise Undead of Night. Obviously, there’s room for improvement.

    It will remain on Amazon until the new version is available. It’ll be my badge of dishonor!



  • Writing update

    The picture pretty much says it all. I haven’t been writing. Have barely thought about it. For once, I have a good excuse for my laziness.

    I was sick from the week of Christmas through the end of January. Other than going to work and sitting at my desk in misery, I pretty much did nothing but sleep for over a month.

    Whatever I had probably would’ve cleared up a lot sooner had I gone to the doctor, but I don’t rush to get rid of any condition that takes away my appetite. (Ten pounds lost! Yay!)

    Now I am back to full health and ready to write. I have a renewed passion for telling the tales of Lizzie Chandler and the rest of the gang. In fact, I’m so motivated that I am going to do revisions on the e-books that are now available on Amazon.

    I’m not planning to make major changes to the e-books. I want to polish them a bit and make them seem less like they were written by an Indie writer who does everything on her own without even a proofreader. Granted, I am an Indie writer who does everything on my own, and I plan to stay that way. I just don’t want my books to reflect that I’m an amateur.

    My goal—or maybe I should say resolution since it’s still pretty early in the year—is to treat writing like it is important to me, because it is.  I’ve just gotten off track with it.

    From now on, I hope to work on my books at least three days a week. In addition, I will post more regularly to my blogs.

    That seems like a pretty reasonable plan. I should be able to stick with it. I can’t succeed in writing if I don’t do any!