Life as a technically challenged blogger

Blogging is not my strong point. That may seem like a strange thing to read on anyone’s blog, but it’s true. I enjoy releasing my inner silliness anonymously, so creating articles is not the issue. However, setting up the basic elements of a blog is proving to be a challenge, to put it very mildly.

I’ve had this site for years, and last week I realized it was missing an essential feature: a way for readers to contact me. You’d think that I would’ve had that in place before my page went public, or at least two or three years in. But nope, not me.

I went along my merry way, creating posts while doing nothing to promote them. That approach has been less than successful, as I get few visitors. I’m going to work on that issue—as soon as I get all the necessary pieces in place for a good blog.

I think I’ve set up the contact page correctly. It took a couple days to do it. Seems like it wouldn’t be so hard, right? I tried a plugin to create my contact page, but for some reason, it wouldn’t work. I deleted the plugin and tried another one. Then another…and another…and another…

Finally, I figured out what was wrong. The confirmations were going to an email address that I never use. In fact, I don’t know if I ever finished setting up the account for that email address. After a couple days of frustration, I got the contact page working right.

That project completed, I began a new one – coming up with a way  to notify readers of new posts. This turned out to be just as much fun as creating the contact page, but I got it done, and I finally had things properly set up on here. Or so I thought.

A few days ago, it dawned on me that my page had no footer. How did I miss that?

I haven’t been nearly as dedicated to fixing that problem as I was with the contact and subscription issues. After all, how many readers care about what’s at the bottom of a web page? I’m counting on that number being zero, because the footer I added is a work in progress and leaves much to be desired.

With the footer in place – even a crappy one – I was ready to rest easy, knowing all was mostly well with this site. Then today, I discovered a new problem. There’s no privacy policy. No one reads that stuff, but I still need one. I think I do anyway. Who knows?

I’m not ready to tackle the privacy policy just yet. I need time to recover from the trauma of working on the other things. From the little I’ve read on the subject, creating the privacy policy page promises to be a whole lot of fun for someone as technically challenged as I am.

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