Dreamin’ big!

I’ve got plans—big plans.  

I plan to work on this website to make it as good as I can possibly get it. I also plan to create a comic strip to go on my home page.  I’m going to finish my current e-book and get it online by October. 

While I’m working on those things, I plan to revise two—maybe all three—of the e-books I have on Amazon and find new improved ways to promote them. 

That all sounds pretty reasonable, right? It would be, if I had a longer time frame in mind and didn’t have a full-time job.  I want all of this done in just over four months.  

I’m absolutely positive I can turn my writing into a profitable, fun business.  

Where do I get that confidence about my success? I’ve been studying about how we create the lives we want. It’s all based on Biblical principles that tell us we can have what we want out of life. A lot of people call it law of attraction, but I prefer to think of it in more spiritual terms.  

Even with my faith and determination, this will be a challenge.  

I’m not tech savvy and have to watch a lot of YouTube videos to figure out ways to improve my website. All that info gathering will be worth it in the end, but right now, my brain is seriously overloaded.  

It’s not just new technical info floating around up there in my gray matter. I’ve also watched at ton of videos on how to draw. Yes, I’ve decided to start a comic strip when I don’t know how to draw. A little odd, I know, but it’s not out of character for me to try and do something I know nothing about.   

The comic strip will be based on two of my characters, Essie and Floyd Watson. I love the characters and want to tell stories about them in a fun way. Hopefully by July, I will have gained enough drawing skills to put a simple weekly comic strip on my home page.

With all that to get done, I’m also going to finish one book and revise a few others. If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was losing it because I’m being overly ambitious.

In spite of having big goals, and there being only twenty-four hours in a day, I plan to get all that stuff done on time—and without pulling my hair out. 


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