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Lizzie Chandler is a gifted psychic matchmaker. In need of extra money, she puts her skills to use and starts a matchmaking business. If only Lizzie could have predicted how crazy her quiet—and frankly, boring—life was about to become!

Her first client, Barb, wants a rich, well-endowed man to become Husband Number Four. Barb goes missing, possibly kidnapped by a man she met through Lizzie. Essie, a newly divorced, seventy-eight-year-old woman, wants to find a younger man for sex. This proves to be a difficult task with Essie’s ex-husband constantly underfoot. Then Lizzie meets Tessa, her first normal client. Or so Lizzie believes. Tessa already has a match in mind. His name is Eric, and Tessa’s been stalking him for months. Lizzie quickly determines that Tessa is never going to win the man of her dreams, because Eric is gay.

Matchmaking was supposed to be a fun, easy way to make money. Unfortunately, Lizzie’s clients didn’t get the memo. Clients having run-ins with the law, a grumpy senior citizen picketing her business, being assigned to chicken-catching duty… Lizzie just wasn’t prepared for the unusual challenges of being a psychic matchmaker. Too bad she didn’t check her crystal ball before hanging that “Open” sign.

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