Coming Late Summer 2021 (I hope)

Seventy-four-year-old Ben Turner is looking for love. Psychic matchmaker, Lizzie Chandler, is ready to help him find it—until she learns about his three dead wives. Ben claims the women died because of a curse, but Lizzie’s pretty sure he’s a murderer.  

She and her private investigator friend, Josh, are determined to uncover the truthThe more thedig into Ben’s past, the more it looks like he might really be cursed. 

Throw in one cartoon-watching Yorkie, two pint-sized senior citizens who can’t stay out of trouble, and a matchmaking client who doesn’t want to find her Mr. Right, and Lizzie’s in for one crazy ridewhich concludes with a late-night trip to the graveyard to remove a curse that she’s not sure exists. 



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