• Coming in January 2020

    Mikala Davenport sees dead people…and she’s not very happy about it. Three months ago, she gave up her high paying accounting job and moved to the country to get away from ghosts.

    Her childhood friends, Oliver and Christian, refuse to let her hide. They want to go ghost hunting and already have a case in mind. Mikala reluctantly agrees, but the friendly ghost they plan to bust becomes very unfriendly. As if that isn’t enough for her to deal with, the dead begin showing up at her hideout.

    Can Mikala conquer her fear and send the spirits to the great beyond, or is she doomed to spend the rest of her life running from the dead?

  • Coming in October 2020

    Once upon a time, Lizzie Chandler lived a blissfully boring life. Those days are long gone. These days, she’s struggling to cope with a shocking family secret…and moonlighting as a psychic matchmaker.

    Seventy-four-year-old Ben Turner wants to sign up for Lizzie’s services, but he might be a serial killer. Ben insists he didn’t kill his three wives. He claims they died because of a curse. Lizzie doesn’t believe a word of his ridiculous story. She and her private investigator friend, Josh, are determined to uncover the truth. But the more they learn about Ben’s past, the more it looks like he might really be cursed.

    Throw in one cartoon-watching Yorkie, two pint-sized senior citizens who can’t seem to stay out of trouble, and a matchmaking client who doesn’t want to find her Mr. Right, and Lizzie’s in for an unplanned adventure…which concludes with a late night trip to the graveyard to remove a curse that she’s not sure exists.

  • A Psychic Couldn’t See It

    Even the best psychic occasionally gets things wrong, but Lizzie Chandler’s mistake almost lands her six feet under.

    Lizzie’s not one to let a little thing like a murder attempt destroy her new psychic matchmaking business.  She puts on her happy face and takes on 24-year-old Myra, her most challenging client yet.

    Myra’s afraid of men and insists on marrying a senior citizen who doesn’t want sex. Lizzie’s a sucker for anyone in need and really wants to help Myra, but she’s a psychic, not a miracle worker.  In spite of her best efforts, she has no luck finding Myra her Mr. Right. She begins to wonder if her new client is unmatchable.

    But Myra is not Lizzie’s only problem. She has annoying senior citizens demanding everything from driving lessons to sleuthing tips. She also has an anchorwoman who is determined to discredit her psychic abilities.

    As if that isn’t more than enough, weird things are happening that make Lizzie question her sanity.  It’s a lot for the nearly murdered psychic to handle. Is it time to trade her cozy little matchmaking office for a padded cell?

  • Doesn’t Take a Crystal Ball

    Lizzie Chandler is a gifted psychic matchmaker. In need of extra money, Lizzie puts her skills to use and starts a matchmaking business. If only she could have predicted how crazy her quiet—and frankly, boring—life was about to become.

    Her first client, Barb, wants a rich, well-endowed man to become husband number four. Barb goes missing, possibly kidnapped by a man she met through Lizzie. Essie, a newly divorced, seventy-eight-year-old woman, wants to find a younger man for sex. This proves to be a difficult task with Essie’s cranky ex-husband constantly underfoot. Then Lizzie meets Tessa, her first normal client. Or so Lizzie believes. Tessa already has a match in mind. His name is Eric, and Tessa’s been stalking him for months. Lizzie quickly determines that Tessa is never going to win the man of her dreams, because Eric is gay.

    Lizzie’s oddball clients constantly test her patience and her sanity. Maybe she should have consulted a crystal ball before hanging that “Open” sign.